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About This Blog


Welcome to the Timberturner / Bowlwood blog. I'm Ray Asselin, a woodturner in Western Massachusetts, a scenic and beautiful part of New England, U.S.A.  I make wooden bowls, vases, lamps, keepsake and jewelry boxes, ornaments, candlesticks, and more, on a lathe.  

The purpose of the blog is to discuss the projects underway in my small shop, and whatever else motivates me to write about woodturning; also, to discuss trees, forests, wood, and those topics related to an appreciation of woodlands.

 I welcome your comments and participation, but don't want to make this a technical forum about the process or "how to's" of woodturning. If you have such questions, you're welcome to contact me via links on my websites.

This blog is associated with my two woodturning sites:

-  Bowlwood      (www.bowlwood.com

- Timberturner   (on Etsy, www.timberturner.com )

The blog gives me more space to discuss turnings made in the shop than is available on the websites, where the pieces are available for purchase. And to ramble on about trees and forests, where my raw materials come from.

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