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Weathered Chestnut Vases

   A few weathered American chestnut rustic vases available.

New Nature/Wildlife Blog

   Announcing a new blog, www.neforests.com.


What's That in the Woodchips?

   A 10-° F winter day at the woodchip pile.


Growing Salad Bowls

   Salad bowls from a large Norway Maple tree.

The 2015 Woodworking Show, New England 

   The Woodworking Show in West Springfield, Ma.

The Big Search for Big Birch

   Finding the biggest and oldest Black Birches.

Global Worming

   Another threat to our forests.

A Second Chance for the Glorious American Chestnut

  The effort to restore the American Chestnut to our forests.

How Sweet It Is! 

  Reclaiming some beautifully figured Sugar Maple wood.

What's New at Bowlwood Today

  Update on some of the newest turnings at the Bowlwood woodturning shop.

Quiz: Can You Identify These Trees ?

  Test your knowledge of northeastern trees.

New England's Fallen Champion Hemlock

   Story of the largest Eastern Hemlock in New England.

What's Ambrosia Maple?

  The story of ambrosia beetles and their effects on maple and boxelder wood.

Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend

  The passing of woodturning and hiking buddy Bill Leclerc.

Barking Up the Right Tree

  Finding strange things in the woods.

The Big Butternut Bonanza

  Reclaiming prized wood from a large fallen butternut tree.

New Wallhangings at Bowlwood

  Figured burl wood wallhangings. 

The Tulip Tree

  A huge fallen tulip (yellow poplar) tree yields treasure for woodturners.

Old Growth Forests in Massachusetts

  Some of the best forests in New England. 

The Quest for the Oldest, Tallest Trees

  Bob Leverett, the "Old Growth Guru". 

What's New at Bowlwood.com

  Turned wooden vases make their appearance at Bowlwood.

Keeping Keepsakes Safe (Say That Three Times!)

  Turned wooden jewelry/keepsake boxes at Bowlwood. 

Wolf Trees of New England 

  Some of the gnarly old trees you find in the New England woods.

America's Long Lost Trees

  The remnants of American Chestnut in the forests of today.

Let There Be Light

  Hand-turned wooden table lamps. 

Small Cherry Burls

  A woodturner's use of small Cherry burls.

A Twisted Affair

  A bittersweet story.

Why Woodturners Love Bad Storms

  Salvaging wood from the 2011 western Mass tornado and other events.

How Can a Tornado Brighten Your Day?

  Cedar table lamps from tornado debris.

The Natural Enquirer: Tornado Mysteriously Produces Salad Bowls !

  Another tornado mystery.

Tornado vs Trees, Western Massachusetts, June 1, 2011

  An unforgettable example of nature's raw power.

"Night of the Tiger" Wall Hanging

  Australian Salmon Gum burl.

More Manzanita Burl

 Gorgeous turnings from Manzanita burl.

Dyed and Gone to the Heavens

 A hollow vessel of Boxelder burl that I wish I could re-create.

Man! Love that Manzanita Burl !

  Manzanita burl bowls.

Giant Pine Cones (Coulter Pine)

  Celebrating the largest pine cone.

The Wood Rose

  Woodturning inspiration from a weed.

What's Happening During the Blizzard of Jan 12, 2011

  Snowy winter days in a woodturning shop.

Some Recent Turnings, Tall and Tiny

  Turned wooden vases.

"Twisted Sisters" Bittersweet Vases

  An invasive vine yields heirlooms.

Handmade Victorian Replica Lamps

  Handmade lamps for an inviting ambience.

Handmade Jewelry Box - Black Cherry Burl

  A turned burl jewelry box.

Sea Urchin Ornaments

  Delicate hanging ornaments from sea and forest.

"Pilgrim's Harvest" Maple Burl Bowl

  A figured Bigleaf Maple Burl bowl.

Treasure Boxes

  Hand-turned wooden keepsake boxes.

The Amherst Yew

  Stunning bowl from an Amherst, Mass, campus tree.

The Summer Visitors, and Cherry Burls

  Hummingbirds and Cherry Burls show up in the yard. 

Turnings in new Grow Gallery

  Some of our work available in a Shelburne Falls gallery.

Preserving a Memento From Your Tree

  How to preserve a chunk of wood from your favorite tree.

Rustic Fencepost Weed Pots

  Handmade wooden vases with country charm.

So, Milton ... exactly what is a BURL ???

  Burls, explained.

Aged Cherry Burl Bowls

  Bowls from burls.

Music Boxes

  Charming wind-up music boxes.

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