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Friday, August 27, 2010

"Pilgrim's Harvest" Maple Burl Bowl

"Pilgrim's Harvest" Maple Burl Bowl
One of the latest bowls off the lathe is this one of spalted Bigleaf Maple Burl, measuring a bit over 15 inches in diameter, 31/2 high.

In addition to some spalting, it features some birdseyes, a warm honey-gold color, and an area of curly figure that appears three-dimensional as you move it in the light (this effect has a fancy name, "chatoyance") ... see the closeup photo below.

Birdseyes, spalting, and curly figure
With the approaching autumn season, crisp air, blazing New England foliage, and ripening crops, many people look forward to celebrating the harvest season. This gorgeous piece of wood, fashioned by hand into a functional piece of art, can be the focal point of a handsome harvest table. Its glass-smooth finish begs to be handled, and its glow warms your heart.

  This bowl, and others, are available at www.bowlwood.com.

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