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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Handmade Victorian Replica Lamps

Honeylocust Table Lamp

If you find antique Victorian kerosene table lamps appealing, such as those made by Aladdin, you might appreciate these handmade wooden replicas. Turned on the lathe from solid hardwoods, they're charming and nostalgic.

I search for antique glass lamp shades in mint condition, then build a lamp to live under it. Of course, they're electric lamps, with 3-way sockets so you can have your choice of light settings, similar to the variable settings of the old kerosene versions.

The lamp above is turned from a large chunk of Honeylocust, a dense and beautiful wood.

Yew Lamp

This lamp is a beauty, turned from Yew wood, with an amber shade. It now has a happy home in Ol' Kentucky.

Wormy Butternut Lamp
The third lamp here is of wormy Butternut, a wood that's disappearing from our eastern forests due to the spread of Butternut canker.

It's milk-white glass shade gives it a clean, bright look; the wormy wood adds country charm and a warmly rich color. It's currently available for purchase at www.timberturner.com.

American homes had an inviting nighttime glow radiating from their parlor windows in years long gone. Does yours have that charm?

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