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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's Happening During the Blizzard of Jan 12, 2011

As this is written, the eastern half of the U.S. is being either blessed or cursed, depending on your outlook, with a blizzard. In Western Massachusetts, where I live, it's still snowing, and there's 16 to 19 inches of powdery stuff already down.

The Timberturner Shack under 19 inches of snow

Does that bother me? No, not at all. I'm a woodturner, after all, and my lathe is situated in a timber framed "shack", just six feet from an old potbelly wood stove (that's where all the "mistakes" go). Does it get any better than watching the snow silently fall just outside a big window while the wood chips fly around inside, and the fire crackles, and polished turnings emerge from a chunk of Cherry Burl? Hardly. 

Here's a few glimpses of pieces recently completed...

Cherry Burl Hollow Vase

A small, hollow weed pot of Cherry Burl, about the size of a plump sparrow.

A striking natural-edged bowl of Cherry Burl, with bark left intact under the rim. The lichens that grew on the bark are still attached to it.

Cherry Burl Bark-Sided Bowl

Large Spalted Silver Maple Bowl


This bowl is Spalted Silver Maple, from a tree whose toes were sunk in the wet, fertile soil of the Connecticut River Valley.

And finally, another burl bowl, this one of Boxelder Burl, featuring a large bark inclusion as its focal point.

All of these turnings, and more, are available for purchase at either www.timberturner.com, or www.bowlwood.com.

Enjoy the snow!

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