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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Night of the Tiger" Wall Hanging

Night of the Tiger

In the Land Down Under, Eucalyptus trees produce some really spectacular burls. This slab of Salmon Gum Burl suggests to me a tiger skin, hence the name. Thankfully, no majestic predator ceased to exist to have this symbol displayed on a trophy room wall. Even the tree from which it came probably still stands, since the Australians harvest the burls without cutting the host trees down.

This is not a woodturning; it was made using power carving and sanding tools, from a slab that had been sawn off a huge burl .

It's a wall hanging that begs to be the focal point in a board room (no pun intended there!), lobby, or living room.

Wavy Grain Lines
The dark lines of the pattern are fissures that permeate Salmon Gum, and other species. There is beautiful wavy grain around the perimeter, in the gold colored areas. The gradation of color, from deep red in the center to amber at the edges, suggests the color changes you would find in a real tiger skin.

"Night of the Tiger" is 241/2 inches tall, 22 inches wide; it has a wire on the back by which it can be hung. It's available at Bowlwood.

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