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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Can a Tornado Brighten Your Day?


If you or your property suffer the fate of being in the path of a tornado, your day isn't likely to be better for the experience. So, how can a high speed twister brighten your day? 

Red Cedar Table Lamp
Well, one of these storms terrorized Western Massachusetts on June 1, 2011. During a trek through the forest to explore the aftermath, I found left in its path two small Aromatic Red Cedar trees, flattened by larger trees that had been blown over. One of these Cedars has become this table lamp.

Turning Eastern Red Cedar on the lathe is just a joy, its scent quickly filling the air. And the freshly exposed colors in the wood bring a smile to your face. That's how a tornado can brighten your day!

Oh, right... there's one other way too... turn the lamp on!!

This and other handmade wooden lamps are available at Timberturner.com.

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