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Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Wallhangings at Bowlwood

There's a new category of items now available at Bowlwood... wallhangings. Because of my interest in trees, most of these pieces are inspired by them, and take the shape of leaves or trees. They're all slabs of various beautiful burl woods. 

When I'm rummaging through the hundreds of burls available at my supplier, any whose shape is suggestive of trees or leaves generally have to come home with me. Other easily recognizable shapes might fall prey too.

The silhouettes of these display pieces are pretty much the actual, natural shapes of the burls from which they were sliced.  

Take a look:

The first is a burl of Australian Red Morrel, which is a Eucalyptus species (one of many found in the Land Down Under). 

Red Morrel Burl
The first reaction of some people, upon seeing this piece, might be "I see an arrowhead", I suppose. To my eye, it's a tree. In either case, it's burl figure is stunning.

The "spiky" bumps around the perimeter is the natural texture of the burl, as found when the bark was removed.

This wallhanging is 10 inches in width, 14 inches tall.

"Bigleaf Bonsai"

Second on the list, but just as pretty, is "Bigleaf Bonsai", a section slabbed off a Bigleaf Maple burl. The only modification to its silhouette was a minor cut to better define the tree's trunk at the base. The "boughs" of the tree are all composed of wonderful burl figure, and the lower trunk and limb are defined by wavy grain lines. 

17 inches wide, 24 inches tall.

Third is "Autumn Red Maple Leaf", a slice of Gummy Coolibah burl (another Australian Eucalyptus species).

The title describes what this piece reminds me of. Here in New England, autumn brings billions of these colorful leaves fluttering to the ground. 

This piece is 18 by 18 inches.

"Autumn Red Maple Leaf"

 Finally, there is the largest of the lot, a Red Mallee burl piece whose outline reminds me of a young Sequoia tree. It measures 351/2 inches tall, and 18 inches across at its widest point. The figure in the burl is quite pronounced, and the color is rich and deep.

These wallhangings are available at Bowlwood.com.

"Young Sequoia" Red Mallee Burl

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